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  • Attempting to remove an item from a container (such as a small bag) produces "an error has occurred".
  • All animations are slowed directly after interacting with trees/rocks/stand-stone.  Hit a tree, then wait, notice the slow animation.  Now step away from the tree, wait again, the animation resumes a normal speed.
  • If you close your browser and reload a saved game, none of your previously equipped items will be equipped.
  • Bow durability does not degrade when firing an arrow.
  • When carving campfire, furnace, anvil, or kiln, sometimes the item is not returned to your inventory–it disappears. (beta1.0.1, download)
  • Stats such as character skills and monster difficulty persist after restarting the game (via death).


  • Not being able to use wooden poles for things you can use branches for (ex: if you only have 1 branch and craft it into a wooden pole, you won’t be able to make a poor shovel).
  • Error when attacking Time Skitter (hit for 6, took 8, hit for 8, error message occurred instead of second attack).
  • Iron sword is a sharpened item, but can’t double-click to carve.
  • You do not “work yourself into exhaustion” from negative stamina during crafting.
  • Being able to sleep in the bedroll while swimming.
  • Placing an unlit bark torch in the torch slot reports an error has occurred.
  • Cannot throw stones/smooth rocks/possibly other projectiles over water.
  • Attempting to dig up a furnace using a shovel destroys the furnace and reports an error has occurred.
  • Monsters (especially sharks) can attack uninterrupted while attempting to raft to a new island, resulting in your character arriving at the island in a very dead state.


  • Stamina loss caused by overweight burden is the same regardless if  a bag item is equipped.
  • Stone walls can be put on shallow water.
  • Bow is used as a melee weapon when in melee range, even if arrows are present in the player’s inventory.
  • Time Skitters can phase through solid objects. They actually “teleport” as they “skitter” through “time”.
  • Items that can decay (e.g., meat) do not decay in a chest. Includes lit torches, which revert to unlit when removed from container.