Description Edit

Crafting allows the player to make new and useful items. The in-game crafting tab shows the items the player knows how to make. Items are lit up if the player has the materials necessary to craft them. A material requirement can be a specific item, or an item that has a specific grouping. New recipes can be learned by having the required materials (duplicates not necessary) in the player's inventory, or by finding Old Instructional Scrolls.

When hovering the mouse over an item in the crafting tab, a box will display showing the materials necessary to craft it. Materials marked as Consumed will be lost when crafting. Materials that are used in the craft but not consumed will lose 1 durability. If the durability of an item falls bellow 0, the item will be destroyed during the crafting.

Also, when hovering over an item in the crafting tab, the items that will be used are indicated by a highlighted border around them in the players inventory. Items are chosen starting from the front/top of the players inventory. Items inside a container will be selected as though in the location of the container. Consumed items will be selected before non-consumed items. The player can move items around in their inventory to use the right items as materials for the craft. If the player has checked Protect Crafting Items in the Quick Settings menu, items that are equipped, quickslotted, or inside a container that is equipped or quickslotted will not be used when crafting, and will not count as being in the players inventory when the crafting tab checks for available materials.

The durability of consumed items increases the durability of the crafted item. Using remarkable, exceptional, or legendary quality items increases the chance of crafting higher quality items. Decayable items (such as food) also gain decay bonuses from using higher quality items.

All recipes are linked to a skill, and crafting an item belonging to a skill has a chance of increasing that skill. Most crafting also affects the player's reputation.