Description Edit

A Skill.

The steps of the plant life cycle are called:

  • germinating
  • seeding
  • vegetative
  • budding
  • flowering
  • ripening
  • dead

The steps of the fungus life cycle are called:

  • germinating
  • spreading
  • forming
  • young
  • fruiting
  • full

Each of the steps means something different for each plant and fungus, Every plant is unique, including the resources you can gather of harvest from each of them. If you attempt to gather from a plant too early, you may not get the full amount of resources.

Gathering is a destructive process, meaning you will attempt to gather everything from the plant. Some vegetables and fruits require this to get the edible portion, such as potatoes or carrots.

Harvesting a plant will only attempt to get what will keep the plant alive and/or sustainable. This is not always an option for all plants, and sometimes will only result in getting their seeds.

You can attempt to water plants (by using the "Pour" action on water containers) or plant them on fertile soil to reduce their growth time and increase their fertility for spreading.

Items crafted using Gardening: Edit

(this list is incomplete, please contribute by adding to this list)

Crafted Requirements
Crafted Requirements
  • x1 A Pile Of Ash (x1 Consumed)
  • x1 A Peat (x1 Consumed)
Pile Of Compost
Pile of Compost
  • x2 A Compost (x2 Consumed)
Crafted Requirements
Fertile Soil
Fertile Soil
  • x1 Soil (x1 Consumed)
  • x1 A Gardening (x1 Consumed)
Crafted Requirements

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