Description Edit

An animated cube of gelatin. It's body jiggles to-and-fro as it moves towards you with hostile intent.

Behavior Edit

The Jelly Cube is much more aggressive compared to it's passive little brother, the Green Slime. The Jelly Cube will attack you on site, though the Player can outrun it, the Cube will stay in a close proximity to where the Player left it.

Taming Edit

Accepts Slime Gelatin for taming.

Aberrant Edit

The Aberrant version of the Jelly Cube is considered much stronger than it's green counterpart but is still fairly weak compared to other Aberrant Monsters. Do not under estimate this Red Cube, if the Player is unprepared or lacks proper armor; the Aberrant Jelly Cube could mean the death of a Player.

Aberrant Cube

An Aberrant Jelly Cube