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The unofficial wiki of the Wayward game. Wayward is currently in beta. and can be Browser based or found on Steam.


Wayward is a browser-based, turn-based, graphical roguelike currently in beta. It is currently supported and will work in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. In the game, there is a large focus on realism and survival. Because of these elements, most weapons, and items will need to be crafted by natural objects found around the terrain. Unlike traditional roguelikes, in Wayward there are no levels; however, you can gain different skills which increase your effectiveness for each of the individual skills. You can also increase your strength (health), hunger (starvation), and dexterity (stamina), by performing skills that would realistically use one or more of those attributes, for example, parrying increases dexterity while mining increases strength.

Stylistically, Wayward hearkens to a 16-bit aesthetic in graphics and in sound. Game mechanics wise, the game is similar to the Ultima series, more specifically, Ultima Online with inspiration from other roguelikes and roguelikelikes.

Current Release: Beta 1.8


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