A large blood-thirsty cartilaginous sea creature. It's fin juts from the water, taunting you.

The shark is easily noticed when out on the water, unless the player is on the water at night without a light source (Not recommended). It is characterized by its grey dorsal fin that sits above the water, though the player will never see what the full shark looks like.

Behavior Edit

Found surrounding the islands as well as within caves (!), and even sometimes deep parts of ponds, these monsters have high damage output. Sharks can only traverse in deep water and will not follow the Player in shallow water.

Some Sharks will start to hunt the Player on their own but more will soon follow and a large pack will begin to trail the Player. Sharks are relatively easy to defeat if a Player is decently prepared. Though, once there is a large group, the Player could easily become surrounded and die in deep water, resulting in a permanent loss of your items or treasure.

So be extremely careful, as these beasts will follow you to the ends of the earth.