Shovels are tools that are used for digging up items. Double clicking on the shovel will dig on the tile that is infront of the character. If the tile infront of the character is a resource that can be gathered (e.g. Rocks, Trees, etc..) it will gather that resource. If the tile is just ground, the character will dig in that location and get resources based on this list:





Digging in the ground uses the mining skill.

Shovels can also be equipped and used as a weapon or a gathering tool.

Type Damage bonus Weight Durability

Materials for Crafting

Poor +2 2 50

Sharp Rock2 Pole-like, String

Iron +3 2 ? Wooden Pole , Talcum Powder , Iron Ingot , Hammer Item , Sand Cast Flask , Tongs , Lit Forge , Anvil

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