Description Edit

Taming is a skill used to tame Monsters or passive Creatures.

Using this skill makes Creatures non-aggressive or even friendly towards you and increases natural drop rates. It is extremely helpful to gather eggs and feathers from Chickens and even milk from Goats.

How To Edit

In order to tame a creature, make sure to have an item in your inventory that you suspect the creature would like. For instance, seeds for a Chicken. When the Player is standing next to and facing a creature, open your inventory and right click the item you wish to use. Down on the list of options, "Offer" is among them. Click offer and the game prompt in the lower left corner will show if the creature has been tamed or not. Continue trying to tame the creature if the tame is unsuccessful.

Behavior Edit

Taming is temporary! So make sure to offer seeds, meat, grass, etc, to your tame often! You can also tell when a tamed Creature is going to revert by reading the tool-tip when the mouse is hovering over the Creature. Creatures don't seem to eat things off of the ground either so offering is the only way to prolong the tame, for now.

Most creatures, once tamed, will follow the Player around for a short while but will stay in the immediate vicinity if left behind. Though it is recommended to make a fenced in area so that if you forget to re-tame your animals it will take longer for them to run away.

Skill Progression Edit

  • Increases chance of successfully taming a creature.
  • Increases the length of time that a creature will be tamed for.
  • Decreases chance of stamina reduction when taming/offering/milking.
  • Increases chance of taming when offering an aberrant creature items.
  • Improves reputation +10 per action.
  • Can increase dexterity.